Renegade | Marsha Castelao Nat Fiz Rosé (Pet Nat) | London 2019


We’re a bit obsessed with Renegade Urban Winery. They make astonishingly good wine in their winery in Bethnal Green. The grapes are expertly sourced and vinified in anarchic, bold ways, using ancient and modern techniques. Something fantastic every time, and never repeated. They feature Londoners on every bottle.

 A wine that smells like ripe bananas/banana bread! Strange but true. It also has notes of melon, stone fruit and a lovely fresh fruitiness..... 'Nat Fiz' (Naturally Fizzy), the French call this style 'Pet Nat'. Essentially this wine ferments and goes fizzy in the bottle using only the naturally occurring yeasts and underlying sugar present in the grape juice.

We add nothing at all. So no fining, additives, sulphur, filtration or sugar, water, animal based products or riddling agents. Literally this is grape juice fermented in a bottle. 

75cl -12.5% Vol



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