Nordur Salt

Nordur Icelandic Sea Salt This excellent salt is made using geothermal energy and Arctic water directly from the geothermal wells at Reykólar. They've been making it the same way since 1753. Arctic Sea water is pumped into open pans where it is slowly heated with water from natural hot springs. This sustainable process leaves behind no carbon dioxide – only fresh, crunchy flakes of Norður Sea Salt. The whole operation is sustainable and renewable, from production to packaging. Norður & Co is located on the tiny Karlsey Island in magical Breiðafjörður Bay – a spectacular land and seascape with shallow waters, small fjords and a myriad of reefs. With its extensive algal forests, seaweed and extreme biodiversity, Breiðafjörður is often referred to as the underwater rainforest of the North. The fjörd's clear and clean seawater has been an important source of food for the Icelanders through the ages. 125 g

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