Fink's KeepCup Glass

Fink's KeepCups! Reuse in style. KeepCup is the original and the best barista approved reusable cup. Sustainably made, beautifully designed. The KeepCup Brew is made of fully tempered, soda lime glass, so it's extremely durable and thermally efficient - the coffee stays hot, not your hands. They're fully dishwashable, the lid is really solid and has a spill-proof clip for when you're on the go. Over one year the KeepCup, when compared to disposable cups, reduces landfill by at least 99%, water use by 90% and greenhouse gas emissions by 92%. How can you say no? We loved them so much we had them made in our favourite colours, and with our name on too.   Also available in Original Recyclable Plastic.

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